Ordering Information

Conditions & Terms

If the purchaser is inexperienced or unfamiliar with the proper handling of firearms or any other merchandise acquired from Martin B. Retting, Inc., it is the purchaser’s responsibility to seek qualified instruction in the safe and proper use of this merchandise.

The purchaser is aware of the potential dangers that may arise from a product’s misuse and as part of the consideration extended to the seller (Martin B. Retting, Inc.), the purchaser will indemnify the seller against all claims.


  • Current, Signed copy of your Federal Firearms License with a Postal Money Order or Cashier’s Check (this does not include checks from super markets, check cashing establishments or convenience stores). No C.O.D., personal & company checks held for clearance.
    California residents include 8.25% sales tax, all Department of Justice rules apply. Allow for shipping FOB Culver City California.
  • If you are not a dealer, we will hold an item with payment until you can arrange for delivery to a licensed dealer. Most dealers will perform this function for a small fee.


  • We normally use UPS ground and USPS Priority. Shipping, handling & insurance rates will be determined at time of purchase.


  • On items in excess of $500, we offer a 60-day lay-away plan with terms of one third down, one third in 30 days and the balance due in 60 days. All cancellations subject to a restocking fee.

About Condition

  • Where practical, condition estimate is stated as a percentage of original finish, unless noted as refinished. This is a subjective measure describing the firearm as a whole. If the firearm is in near new condition, with virtually no wear, it will be described as “as new”. If an original box is included, it will be so noted. It should not be assumed that all the original papers and accessories will be in the box. Due to practical limitations descriptions cannot be complete, but are generalized. It is our intention to under, rather than over described.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 100% refund. (Less shipping.) Three-day inspection period allowed. Call for authorization.


  • New Firearms: Only the manufacturer’s warranty or service policy applies.
  • Used Modern Firearms: One year limited warranty, if no other period is specified.
  • Firearm Sold “As-Is”: No warrantees or guarantees of any kind. “AS-IS” is defined as a condition of sale whereby the merchandise is sold with no warrantees or guarantees, expressed or implied, and with no claims for the merchandise’s completeness or its suitability or feasibility for any uses whatsoever.
  • Antique Firearms: Sold “AS-IS” Antiques are not guaranteed as safe, or in functioning order and are not intended to be discharged.
  • “No Warranty” Firearms: Safe to discharge with appropriate ammunition. However, Martin B. Retting, Inc. offers no warranty of any kind for these firearms.

No other warrantee, express or implied, is provided with any Martin B. Retting, Inc. purchase.

California Banned Assault Weapons

  • Firearms classified as “California Banned Assault Weapons”, are not available for sale or transfer within the State of California.
  • “Assault Weapons” are otherwise not available for sale where prohibited by Law.

Ordering 101

“How to order a gun through the mail, without suffering the normal headaches”

  • Any firearm Manufactured after 1898 must be transferred through a Federally licensed Firearms Dealer (F.F.L.). To begin a transfer of a firearms to another F.F.L., the customer must provide Martin B. Retting, Inc. with the name, address and phone number of the receiving dealer to whom the firearms is to be sent.
  • By federal Law, Martin B. Retting, Inc. will require a hand-signed photocopy of your receiving dealer’s Federal Firearms License. We cannot ship your firearm until we receive this license. The FFL can be FAXED mailed or emailed. (Curio & Relic licenses must be copied, signed and mailed.)
  • California Dealers must also include a photocopy of a California D.O.J. Certificate of Eligibility, a business license from their local municipality, and a Calif. State Board of Equalization seller’s permit.
  • The most common problem that we have in being able to complete a transaction smoothly is receiving timely and complete license information from Dealers. Hopefully the above information will help expedite your transaction.
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